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Welcome to Genica, a corporate dedicated to sourcing the best electronics at awesome prices.
We are the largest wholesaler of Apple refurbished elecronics from SOCal.
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Why Choose Us

We source, test and refurbish computers and electronics at discount prices so you get the best for the least.

Genica Spy Pen

The Business Portable Recorder 6 HD Hidden Camera Pen is an easy to use, discrete "pen camera" that will not be noticed when it's working. It also works as a regular ballpoint pen.

Genica Wireless Keyboard

2.4GHz 95-Key Wireless Ultra Low Profile Spill Resistant Multimedia Keyboard & Optical Mouse Kit (Black)

Genica Speakers

Check out these quality Hi-Fi Stereo speakers! They provide great sound for a small price, and they include everything you'd expect in a quality set of computer speakers - volume control, headphone jack and magnetic shielding. These Genica speakers should be at the top of your list.